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L&M Construction Chemicals™

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Surface Preparation

Patch & Repair Products JOINT TITE 750™
Patch & Repair Products FAST FIX™
Patch & Repair Products EVERBOND™
Structural Grouts DURAGROUT™
Structural Grouts EPOGROUT 758™

Hardeners & Densifiers

Hardeners & Densifiers CHEM HARD™
Hardeners & Densifiers LION HARD®
Hardeners & Densifiers SEAL HARD®
Hardeners & Densifiers QUARTZPLATE FF™
Hardeners & Densifiers EMERYPLATE FF™
Hardeners & Densifiers EMERYTOP 400™

Screeds & Toppings

Screeds & Toppings DURATOP HP™
Screeds & Toppings EMERYTOP 400™


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​Adhesives & Mortars

Thick-Bed Mortars and Screeds 3700 Fortified Mortar Bed
Thick-Bed Mortars and Screeds 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed
Polymer-Modified Thin Bed Adhesive 252 Silver
Polymer-Modified Thin Bed Adhesive 253 Gold
Polymer-Modified Thin Bed Adhesive 254 Platinum
Polymer-Modified Medium Bed Adhesive LHT
Dry Set Adhesive 272 Mortar Premium
Dry Set Adhesive 287 Regular Mortar
Latex Additives 101 Rapid Latex Admix


Cementitious Grouts PERMACOLOR® Select*
Cementitious Grouts 1500 Sanded Grout
Cementitious Grouts 1600 Unsanded Grout
Epoxy Grouts SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout*

​Caulks & Sealants

​Caulks & Sealants Premium Acrylic Caulk
​Caulks & Sealants LATASIL™

Surface Preparation

Selfleveling Underlayment LEVEL
Selfleveling Underlayment LEVEL PLUS
Selfleveling Underlayment LATICRETE PRIMER
Patch & Repair Products Patch

Screeds & Toppings

Screeds & Toppings 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed
Screeds & Toppings Flowable Screed

Decorative Finishes

Self Leveling Overlayment LEVEL DL


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Resinous Flooring

Resinous Coatings Urethane Cement
Resinous Coatings Guard PA XT
Resinous Coatings Guard PA SB
Resinous Coatings Guard PA Pure
Resinous Coatings PRIMER EP WB
Resinous Coatings PRIMER EP 110

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