Guard PA SB

Guard PA SB polyaspartic offers installers several advantages, including rapid cure rates and return to service and user-friendly working times.

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Features & Benefits

  • Available in a Clear Gloss and Low-Gloss (satin) finish as well as 14 colors
  • UV resistant
  • Rapid cure schedule
  • Cold-Weather Cure (-30ºF)
  • Micro-media agents may be added for increased traction
  • Excellent Impact & Abrasion resistance
  • Superior top-coat chemical & stain resistance
  • No Hot-tire pickup

Product Information

Guard PA SB  polyaspartic offers installers several advantages, including: rapid cure rates and return to service, user-friendly working times and the ability to reach full cure in cold-climate environments. Owners of Guard PA SB polyaspartic coating systems enjoy long-lasting durability, optimal coating adhesion and UV stability.
  • Patent #(s): US Patents: 6,833,424 & 7,169,876
  • Packaging Sizes: Transparent:
    Kit 37.85 l (10 gal.) (Buckets of 18.9 l [5 gal.])
    Kit of 7.6 l (2 gal.)
    Kit 37.85 l (10 gal.) (Previously pigmented base or pigment with dye packaging)
    7.6 l (2 gal.) Kit with dye packaging
  • Part of System: LATICRETE®
Costa Rica

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