New packaging rolling out now!

For more than a year, LATICRETE has been gathering feedback and information from those who matter most, our customers.

The question: how is our audience changing, and how do they shop for and select the installation products for their projects?

What we learned is it is not just the commercial pros seeking high-end results. A new generation of bucket and trowel installers, DIYers, and residential contractors is changing the landscape of our industry, and our products needed to evolve with the times.

What resulted is one of the biggest “makeovers” for LATICRETE® products in years. 

  • A globally consistent look making LATICRETE products more easily recognizable in any language
  • New, more durable bags
  • Full color prints with brighter colors
  • Less text with more images and icons to differentiate products and aid in the installation process 
  • The information customers need, front and center in a new easy-to-read vertical layout

We’ve invested in these changes to make it easier for our customers to select the right products to build innovative and iconic projects with the level of quality and trust they’ve come to expect from LATICRETE.  

Rooted in innovation, growing for excellence. It’s our brand promise to you. We are excited for you to see the changes we made as they roll out throughout 2023 and into 2024, and we hope you will continue to rely on LATICRETE for decades to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When will the new packaging take effect?
A. The first products to receive this treatment will begin in 2023 with our new products in our launch window 1 (LW1). You will continue to see old packaging on shelves as this process takes hold over the course of the year.

Q. Will all product packaging be updated?
A. Products within our portfolio will be updated on a rolling basis, based on certain levels of prioritization. The initial priorities are any new products and our core product portfolios. The SPARTACOTE®, L&M™ and STONETECH® product lines will not be updated at this time.

Q. Will the product be changing?
A. No, the product inside the packaging remains the same, just a new premium packaging to go along with the premium product inside the package.

Q. Will you be changing part numbers/bar codes?
A. No, all part numbers and bar codes will be unchanged.

Q. Can I continue to sell my current inventory in the old packaging?
A. Yes! Please keep in mind this rollout will occur over the course of the year.  The product you have is still good to sell and use.

Q. What changes will be happening with pallets?
A. All powdered products and pick pallets (pallets with mixed products) will be moving to a new 44”x44” pallet. Full pail products will continue to utilize a 40”x48” pallet.

Q. When will the pallet changes take effect?
A. The timing of the pallet changes will coincide with the new packaging roll-out by SKU.

Q. Will the amount of product per pallet change?
A. No, pallets will continue to have the same number of bags, height remains the same, and number of pallets per truck remains the same.

Q. Anything else I should know about the pallet changes?
A. The new smaller pallets will continue to have four-way access (can be forklifted from all four sides). Later in 2023, this will change to two-way access.

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